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Page Versions

Every time a page is published, a snapshot of that page’s content will be saved to OU Campus.

Reverting to Previous Versions

    1. You can revert back to older page versions by checking out the page lightbulb icon and then clicking the Versions tab.
      Note: In order to access the versions tab, the page must be checked out to you. tab bar - versions

    2. Once you are within the Versions tab, hover over the page version you wish to revert to.

      If you have multiple versions and are unsure of the content within the pages, you can preview the page by higlighting the View icon, then selecting the Page button.

    3. When you found the version you wish to use, click on the Revert button to place that version into staging.versions - revert

    4. Go to the Preview tab to overview the reverted page.

    5. Select Publish to push out the reversion to the live site.

Visual Guide

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