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How to Make a Redirect

What is a Redirect?

The "New Redirect" is used to send web traffic from one page to another automatically. This is primarily to reroute old bookmarked links or old search results but can be used to create new, short web addresses for publication.

When to use a direct?

The Web Team can preform large scale redirects for cases like moving entire sites, whole folders of files, and merging sites together. For single page redirects we offer a self service option outlined below.

Best uses for the self service redirect:

  • creating a short URL for publications
  • fixing a bad or renamed link

How to Make a Redirect in OU Campus

Before creating a redirect in OU Campus, users will need to determine where the redirect starts and where the redirect will lead.

For this guide we will be using the example of redirecting

  • from:   
  • to:
  1. Log in to OU Campus and navigate to the site area, or sub-folder, where you want to place your new redirect.
    For this example one would navigate to the site's root level (
  2. Click the new button at the top of the screen.
  3. In the pop-up menu select New Redirect.
  4. In the New Redirect pop-up menu fill in the following:
    • Folder Name: This will be the from-folder location. 
      For our example, the Folder Name will be from-folder
      This will poreform the action just like when creating a New Section where a folder is created with the defualt three files withing (,, and index.pcf). 
    • Section Title: Type in the page's title. This will often match the final destination page title.
    • Add Navigation Item: click No, unless you would like this link added to your navigation (will use section title).
    • Destination: Paste in the web address you would like to redirect to. This should be a full URL (
  5. Click create.
  6. Your redirect will be created and the preview will show the destination page (this can be a little confusing as you will not be editing that destination page from this view). Publish this index.pcf page and test out your new redirect.

How to Edit a Redirect

If you need to update your destinatnion web address

  1. Go to the index.pcf within the from-folder.
  2. Check the page out light bulb (just above the toolbar).
  3. Click Properties.
  4. In the Destination field, update the link.
  5. Click Save
  6. Click Publish to push your page out to the live site.

Need Assistance?

If you are trying to create a redirect from a site area that you do not have access to you will need to request a redirect to be put into place by the Web Team. Email requests to: for assistance.

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