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Mac Computers Refreshed in 5 Buildings Across Campus

Fall 2018

The new computers arrived on campus August 20th and IITS has already refreshed 7 labs for the Fall 2018 semester. The labs are ACD 104, ARTS 340/342, Kellogg 4400, SBSB 1206/1207 and UH 271. Each lab takes about 12 hours to refresh, not including the several hours spent tracking the removal of the old systems. The computer delivery is a yearly event in IITS where staff pitch in from all areas to count, unpack, tag, and inventory all computers delivered. For the Arts programs, staff in IITS worked closely with the School of Arts to get the Mac computer labs up and running with the new iMacs before the start of the semester. They worked tirelessly through the weekend before classes began to install the new iMacs into ACD 104 and ARTS 340, as well as configure the unique software for the two labs and Arts 239. With the new equipment students will be able to use state-of-the-art technology to create or edit images and learn a variety of advanced design principles using technology. Due to the committed effort of the IITS and School of Arts team, the new refreshed computer labs are available to support close to 400 students for fall 2018. (Posted October 2018)

close up Lab refresh computer screen and mouse
lab refresh computers