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The Refresh Program - Keeps Technology Current

Spring 2019

IITS works diligently behind the scenes to keep up with technology changes.  One of the key programs to keep technology current is the CSUSM Technology Refresh Program (TRP).  The TRP is a well-established program created by IITS in 1994 to ensure that computers used in teaching labs and by faculty and staff are upgraded on a consistent basis so that the campus can maintain a state-of-the-art infrastructure, thereby enhancing student learning and maintaining efficient administrative functions. This replacement program also helps to support a more stable and safer campus computing environment by allowing IITS to remain compatible with all of the most recent software, fixes, and security patches.

A convenient feature of this program is that computers that are tracked by the TRP will be refreshed automatically by IITS.  Departments do not need to fill out any forms to initiate the process. The process is easy for the campus community as once the computer to be refreshed is identified as in the refresh queue, IITS will prepare the new system and the Help Desk will reach out to the individual faculty or staff member to start the scheduling process.  There is a colored sticker on each computer to indicate the refresh cycle year.   As the video shows, it takes a significant amount of work to inventory and manage equipment tracked by the TRP.  IITS refreshes about one-quarter of the campus computers yearly, which is over 1100 computers for the 2018-19 academic year. The IITS Help Desk is available if you have questions or see our online help to find answers to typical questions about the refresh program.  (Posted April 2019)