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Technology Spotlight

New Campus Website and Filtered Search

Spring 2019

This technology spotlight focuses on several significant updates to the campus website and search capability.  In Fall 2018, IITS collaborated with the Office of Communications to redesign the CSUSM homepage with a new fresh look, content updates and easier navigation. Following this major change, the campus website also received updated styling to keep the design consistent with the campus homepage.  The left-hand navigation was the most significant change to the website, offering a lighter and more condensed view. 

Another major enhancement introduced during this time was an update to the campus search page.  To get to the campus search page there is a search box located on the top right corner of most CSUSM webpages.  The search page utilizes the Google search engine specific to our campus sites to deliver refined search results. The new style on the search results page includes the use of tabs on the search page to maximize the space on the page.  The new styling matches the campus homepage and provides new search filtering features.  The search filter includes options to refine searches by file type such as PDF or Excel.  Another new feature is that the search page remembers the department a search was originating from and offers a dynamic filter to provide results just from within that area.  If there are keywords associated with a particular page then the search results will list those keyword matches at the top of the standard results. 

IITS continues to streamline support and improve the user experience. As an example of these new design features, the IITS website was redesigned in the larger format page, lightened up navigation, and content updates.  The IITS website now includes links to the new IT Service Catalog and the new project Portfolio Manager sites, in addition to system performance metrics by month, semester and by year.   Analysis was done to know which pages were utilized frequently and which pages could be trimmed from the IITS site. (Posted February 2019)

example left hand navigation 2019

Example Left Hand Navigation

Example Search filters 2019

Example Search Filter Types