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Wireless at the Mangrum Track & Field

Spring 2019

The CSUSM wireless network is a robust system that allows the campus community the freedom to connect where they want and when they want. As the CSUSM wireless coverage is extensive and is continually expanding, IITS is pleased to announce that wireless is now available on the Mangrum Track & Field.  IITS has worked closely with Planning Design and Construction, along with external vendors AT&T and TelcomTec, to build out the fiber infrastructure to provide wireless connectivity to Mangrum Track & Field.  

The infrastructure is ready as we look forward to Commencement 2019. There will be wireless available for the first time as we now have five wireless access points at the  Mangrum Track & Field.  As the image shows, there is a an access point installed on the top of the CSUSM scoreboard. These wireless access points are available to all sports events staff, scorekeeping, video-recording of games, and concessions.  The CSUSM community will be able to connect to the wireless network on the track area using a campus login and visitors have access to wireless through the guest wireless network by providing an email address. Watch for future announcements as IITS will continue to work on expanding the wireless throughout the remaining sports fields.   (Posted March 2019)

Mangrum Track and Field wireless AP on the top of the scoreboard