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Learning Glass

The Learning Glass is essentially a transparent whiteboard. A camera is aimed through the glass while you write on it, so you're facing your audience while you're being recorded. The glass you are writing on is side-lit by hundreds of small LED lights, making the flourescent marker ink bright and easy to read.

Instructor using learning glass.

Chuck Allen from IITS using the Learning Glass.

The writing is flipped horizontally, so you don't need to learn to write backwards. Just teach the way you are used to teaching, and we'll take care of the recording and processing and email you a link. If your teaching involves use of equations and diagrams, this is a great way to go. We do the recordings in the Media Production studios on the second floor of Kellogg Library. For more information, please contact Blake Schilling (bschilling, x8670).

 Sample teaching session using Learning Glass.