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Mediasite Support

Mediasite and Mediasite Desktop recordings are accessed via the Mediasite catalog server. This allows us to create custom pages with all of the links needed for an online course or learning module. The delivery method for lecture capture materials is HTML5 video. This means that it will work on Windows and Macintosh computers and iOS and Android devices using pretty much any browser that supports HTML5, for maximum access and reliability in today's environment. 

Mediasite Playback has been tested and working on the following operating systems:

Operating System Version Web Browser
Windows Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 Edge, Internet Explorer 10+, Firefox, Chrome
Mac OS X 10.8.6 or later Safari, Firefox, Chrome
iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) 6 or later Safari / Mediasite App
Android 4.1 or later Chrome or Android

Fullscreen Playback

Due to various browser updates, mediasite players and web technologies the full screen icon or message may or may not appear when you are playing a video. 

Web page comes up but media won't play

This can be caused by several things:

  1. Your web browser is not up to date - update your browser
  2. Your operating system needs to update and reboot
  3. The presentation is older and has not been converted - email the link to
  4. Other browser plug-ins may cause playback issues try using the incognito (Chrome) or private browsing (Firefox) mode.
  5. Make sure your link starts with https.

Browser Settings

Browser updates can add/change settings at the time of this posting here are a few hints for different browsers.

Internet Explorer: The Compatibility Settings or Compatibility View need to turned on or have added to the list:

Safari 6 & 7 on Mac OS X : Make an adjustment in preferences

  • In Preferences > Security Check Allow Plug-ins
  • In Preferences > Advanced Uncheck Stop plug-ins to save power

* Mediasite Requirement Test:

Site Requirements -This is a test to see if your computer/device has the ability to playback Mediasite.

  1. Check your internet connection, our videos stream at a bitrate between 700kbps to 5000kbps (5Mbps) if your connection is slower than that you may get a lot of buffering. You can check your internet speed at or Hotspots (Coffee Shops, Public Transit) and connections slower than 2Mbps download are not recommended.
  2. Make sure your system updates are current on PC, Mac and devices.
  3. Make sure the Flash plugin is up to date.
  4. If you are on a catalog page click the video title to view the video, not the preview icon.

If you are still experiencing problems please fill out the online form or contact the student help desk.

*Not all videos have been optimized to work with iOS and Andriod devices.

Downloading and Retaining Recordings