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CougarBot, CSUSM's Chatbot


CougarBot is CSUSM's chatbot, or virtual assistant. During 2018/19, we piloted CougarBot, and now we are gradually expanding the tool to eventually support all current students. With CougarBot, you can text message questions 24/7 and get immediate responses. And when the bot doesn't have the answer yet, a human will assist. 

Asking CougarBot

You gain access to CougarBot through a welcome message sent to your mobile phone. That message introduces CougarBot, explain its capabilities, and also gives you the opportunity to opt-out of receiving messages. From then on, you can interact with CougarBot using the same phone number from the initial message. 

  • What Can CougarBot Help With?
    CougarBot has a growing library of answers relating to academics, campus social life, support services, and much more. When it doesn't know the best answer, a staff member will respond instead. 
  • Who Can See My CougarBot Messages?
    Only approved staff can see your CougarBot messages, and that is so they can provide further support if needed. 
  • Is my data safe?
    Yes! The company CSUSM is working with is contractually obligated to protect any data it received. It is also forbidden from selling any data to advertisers or any other third parties. 
  • Can I opt-out of CougarBot?
    You can opt out of CougarBot at any time! If you want to opt-out of chatbot messaging, you can just message #pause or #stop to the bot and follow the instructions. You can also email and request to be opted out. 
  • Can I resume texting after opting-out?

    If you want to resume using CougarBot, then simply text #unpause to the initial phone number you received CougarBot texts from.

    If you no longer have CougarBot's number, please email and request to be opted back into the bot. 

Updating Your Mobile Phone Number

  1. CougarBot uses your mobile phone number from your Student Center profile. Please follow these steps to ensure you have the correct mobile number in your personal details so that CougarBot can reach out to you.
  2. When you update your mobile phone number, please email and let us know you have updated your number
  3. You should receive a message by CougarBot within a week.