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Assistive Technology Users and Qualtrics

Screen Readers and Survey Creation

The survey creator side of Qualtrics is currently entirely inaccessible to screen reader users. Qualtrics will be remediating the survey creator interface after the survey taker interface has been brought up to WCAG 2.0 AA standards. Qualtrics is inaccessible to individuals with significantly impaired vision, those who rely solely on a keyboard to access a computer, and those who use screen readers as their primary means of access. Significant issues were noted relating to navigation and access to essential functionality. Specifically, these individuals would not be able to independently complete the essential workflows required to create a survey, adjust survey options or manage a survey.

If you are asked to create a Qualtrics survey for credit or participation in a course, please notify your professor that this is an inaccessible interface for assistive technology users.

Survey Taking Issues

The survey-taking side of Qualtrics is currently under development to remediate the question types to WCAG 2.0 AA standards. Qualtrics has discontinued its “screen-reader optimized” interface as of July 2016, and is now addressing high-impact accessibility issues like labeling across all question types. Improvements will be rolled out periodically by Qualtrics.

Areas for improvement on Qualtrics:

  • Mobile Use 
  • Custom Validation Errors 
  • Make Answer Exclusive Errors 
  • Problems with Specific Question Types
  • Bipolar Matrix
  • Drill-Down Questions

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