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Choice Tool

Why do This?

The choice tool can be used like a student response system or small knowledge check (quiz question) for students. Adding a choice question to your weekly topic can be a fun exercise for the students. The students answer the question and then it can instantly give the results either anonymously or with student names. The quesiton can be about current events, past weeks reading highlights, or even as an opening class fun discussion during the start of a Zoom class. 

How to Create a Choice Question

  1. Go into one of your topics and select the Create Learning Activity.
  2. Choose Choice in the activity menu window.
    choice tool
  3. As with all other tools in Cougar Courses create your title and put in any description in the text box.
  4. Next you are ready to select your answer choices. **Note: This is a multiple choice only type of survey question. It is not intended to use as a quiz question. It can be used as a formative assessment question each week, for example, or to start off a Zoom class with something to wake people up.
    choice options
  5. The title of this Choice Question was "What did you eat for breakfast this morning?".
  6. After you put in your options, then you can set up how you want the question to look and how you want the results to show.
  7. There is a list of various options to set for the look of the question.
    display options
  8. You can choose to list the options either horizontally or vertically, Allow the choice to be updated, allow for multiple selections by students, and even limit the number of response attempts allowed. 
  9. After you have made you selections, you will want to go on and make your results choices.
    results options
  10. For the results, you need to think about what you want the students to see after they respond. The results instantly show to the person who responds. 
  11. Under the Publish Results section, you have several options on what you show to students after answering the question. Choose the option that makes sense for the type of interaction you desire.
  12. You can choose to show those who didn't answer and choose to exclude suspended users of the course. It is advised here to select No for both. You can switch to Yes for students who didn't respond after you close and hide the question. 
  13. You can also choose the privacy option of anonymous, and it will not show you or the students who answered what.
    results privacy

Student Answers

  1. Here is an example of an answered choice question and what it looks like for students.
    student look of question

  2. Student's Results view
    students view

Faculty Results View

  1. Faculty see a differnet view that includes the totals, student's name, and an ability to download the results.
  2. Depending on their set up under the results settings, they can also see the names of students who did not answer the question. 
    instructor results
  3. You can also view the unanswered students as well.
  4. Keep in mind this tool has limited functionality and is meant for more active learning and pulse checks.