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Completion Progress Block

Set Up

Note: In order to track an item using Completion Progress the Activity Completion must be set for that item.

  1. Click on Course Dashboard underneath your Contents area.

 Course Dashboard link under Contents area

  1. Click the Edit Blocks button.

 edit blocks button

  1. Scroll down to “Add a block

 add a block

  1. From the dropdown select Completion Progress.

 completion progress in the dropdown

  1. Scroll up until you find the Completion Progress block. To configure the block click the gear symbol in the upper right and choose “Configure Completion Progress block.”

 configure completion progress block

  1. The first four settings deal with the appearance of the block.

 first four settings in completion progress block

  • “Order bar by” determines the order of the items displayed in the bar. The default is “Time using ‘Expect completed on’ date.” When this is set, items are ordered by their expected completion date. Items that don’t have an expected completion date are ordered using their order on the course page. Also, when this is set the NOW indicator is visible, showing the student where they are in the set of items. If you want them ordered strictly by their order on the course page, choose “Ordering in course.” When this is set the expected completion dates are ignored and the NOW indicator is not visible.
  • The options for “How to present long bars” (displaying the items tracked in the bar) include the default Squeeze (squeezed into one horizontal bar), Scroll (a scroll bar to show overflowing items), or Wrap (all items on multiple lines).
  • By default, the boxes representing each item will only be colored (green for completed, red for not completed, blue for in progress). If you wish to include either a check (completed) or x (not completed) as well, change “Use icons in bar” to Yes.
  • To show an overall percentage of progress to students set “Show percentage to students” to Yes.
  1. Click “Show more” under "Show percentage to students" to see additional settings.
  1. If you only want this Completion Progress block to be visible to a specific group, select the group in the “Visible only to group”

 extra settings under Show More

  1. By default the block will be titled Completion Progress. If you wish to title it something else, enter your desired title in the Alternate Title This is especially important if you are using more than one Completion Progress block in your course.
  1. By default all activities with Activity Completion set are included. To track only a select number of items, change Activities included to “Selected activities” and then select the items you wish to track. Hold the CTRL key to select multiple items.

 select items to be included in completion progress

  1. Click "Save changes" at the bottom of the page.

 save changes button

Instructor View

Find the Completion Progress block in the course and click on Overview of Students.

 completion progress block from insructor view

You have the ability to sort the report by group (if there are groups in the course), alphabetically by first name or last name, by last access to the course, or by percentage completed. To sort by group, choose the group from the Visible Group dropdown at the top of the page. To sort by any of the column headers, click on the column header.

completion progress overview of students

Hover over a block to see the name of the item and the completion status for that student.


Student View

Note: Students only see their own progress.

 completion progress block student view

When they hover over a block it shows them the item name, completion status, and expected completion date (if set).

completion progress block student view