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Adding Course Resources-FAQs

  • I want to move documents out of or into a folder.
    Folders can't be edited from the course homepage. Instead, you'll need to click the edit icon to the right of the folder, then select edit settings. Scroll down to the Content section>Files field.  To add documents, drag them or click the page icon at the top left of the Files field.  To remove a document click on it, then select download or delete.
  • How do I delete something from the main page of my course?
    Click the edit icon to the right of the item, then select delete from the dropdown
  • How do I move something from one section to another?
    To move a single item, turn the editing on, then click the four-way arrow in front of the item and holding the mouse down, slowly drag it to its new location. If you're moving a lot of items, add the Mass Actions block to your course from the Add a Block.  After the block has been added, you'll see a checkbox to the far right of each item in your course.  Check the items you wish to move to the same section.  In the mass actions block, use the Move to section dropdown to select the destination section.  The checked items will be moved to the bottom of the destination section
  • How can I make my course look less cluttered?

    You have a number of options.  You can change the course format to collapsed blocks or the grid.   Add labels to break up a section into discrete units of content. If you have many documents, consider putting related documents into folders. If you have a lot of links in a section, add a page, then put the links onto that page.   See the Faculty Guides>Adding Resources for help adding labels, pages, and folders.

    To change the course format:

    • Locate the gear icon at the top right of your course.
    • Click the dropdown and select Edit Settings.
    • Scroll down to the Course format section.
    • Select the desired format from the Format dropdown.
    • Click Save and Display
  • Why can't my students view my Mediasite videos?
    If they are videos you created that are on your MyMediasite, see the Mediasite Troubleshooting page on the CSUSM website.   If they are videos added to your site by the Media Library, contact them.
  • How do I add text to a topic/course section?
    • With the editing on in your course, click on the Edit dropdown at the top right of the section and select Edit section.
    • Add your text and images into the summary section. Click the down arrow at top left of the text editor to display more options.
    • You can also add a label within any section. Go to the Add an activity or resource link, scroll down to the resources and select Label. Add the label text in the text editor and click Save and return to course.
  • How do I embed/add videos to my course./I can't add a video.

    Due to the large size of most videos, we don't recommend uploading the video directly. Instead, upload it to YouTube or MyMediasite, and add the URL to your course, using Add an activity or resource>URL.  If the video has an embed code (all YouTube videos) you can embed it onto your course homepage,  by editing the section settings.  In the Summary section, expand the text editor by clicking on the top left icon.  Click the the HTML icon <> and paste the embed code into the field.  Click the <> icon again to return to the standard text editing view, and save the changes. 

    You can also embed the video onto a page using the text editor  HTML icon in the content area (not the summary section).

  • Can my students upload videos to the course homepage?
     No, but they can add a link to a video they've uploaded to YouTube or recorded with MyMediasite  into a forum, assignment, blog, or other activity.  They can also use the PoodLL audio or video recorder built into the CC text editor, to create short video/audio responses in a forum or blog visible to other students.