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Import Grades from Excel

Why do this?

There are some instructors that are simply more comfortable keeping track of grades with Excel, however this does not allow students to view their grades and progress. Thankfully importing grades from Excel into your Cougar Courses gradebook is quick and easy, if you setup your gradebook first. At the start of the semester (or at least before importing your grades) set up your gradebook with all grade items and categories. Then export this gradebook as an Excel file. Use this Excel file to keep track of your grades and then upload periodically to Cougar Courses.


Export Gradebook to Excel

  1. Set up your gradebook by adding any activities (on your course homepage), manual grade items, and categories. Please see the other Help Guides under the Gradebook section for help on adding manual grade items, adding categories, etc.
  2. When you are ready to export your gradebook to Excel, while in the gradebook, click the Export tab and then click the Excel spreadsheet

 export tab and excel spreadsheet tab

  1. All items will automatically be selected. Uncheck any category totals, as those cannot be updated through importing from Excel.

 uncheck category totals

  1. Scroll to the bottom and click Download.

 download button

  1. Save the file to your computer. Use this file to keep track of your grades. When you update, make sure to save as a .csv file type.


Import Grades from Excel

In order to import your Excel file must be saved as a .csv file type and cannot include any formulas.

  1. While in the gradebook click the Import tab and then click the CSV file tab (default tab).

 import tab, csv tab

  1. Either drag and drop your file into the File box, or use the “Choose a file” button to browse for your file on your computer and click the “Upload this file” button.

file box

  1. Click the “Upload grades” button at the bottom of the page.

 upload grades button

  1. Verify the Import preview is correct.
  1. In the “Identify user by” section, set “Map from” to "Email Address" and set “Map to” to "Email Address."

identify users by section

  1. Go to the “Grade item mappings” section. Each column in the Excel Spreadsheet will be listed. Find the item(s) you want to update. For the item(s), from the drop down menu select the corresponding Cougar Courses grade item in the "Grade items" section. Be careful not to select the item under the Feedback section. Select Ignore for any grade items that you do not want to update and for category and course totals (the gradebook will total automatically).

Warning: You must be careful to map the Excel grade columns to the correct gradebook items to ensure that grades are entered into the correct fields. More than one item can be mapped to the same grade item in your destination course so be mindful - if two or more fields are accidentally mapped to the same item, it will cause an error.

grade mappings section

  1. Click the Upload grades button at the bottom of the page.

 upload grades button

  1. If the import was successful, you will be prompted to click Continue.

continue button