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Grade Me Block

Do you struggle to keep track of what needs to be graded? Struggle no more with the Grade Me block! The Grade Me block lists the Assignments, essay Quiz questions, Forums (that use Ratings), and Glossaries that still need to be graded.

Add the Grade Me block

  1. From your course click the Course Dashboard link in the bottom right of the Contents area.
    Course Dashboard link
  2. Scroll down and click on the Edit blocks button.
    edit blocks icon
  3. Scroll to the bottom right and look for the Add a block dropdown. Choose Grade Me from the list.
    grade me block
  4.  The block will be added to your Course Dashboard. Click the Turn editing off button.
    Turn editing off button

Note: If you want to move the Grade Me block to another spot on your Course Dashboard, see our help guide on how to customize your blocks layout.

Use the Grade Me block

  1. While viewing your Course Dashboard, find the Grade Me block.
    Grade Me block

  2. If more than one activity is displayed, click on the arrow to the left of the activity to view the names of the students that need to be graded. Click on the activity name to be taken to the activity (unfortunately it cannot take you directly to the submission that needs to be graded).
    Grade Me block with activity expanded

Note: Currently the Grade Me block only shows ungraded submissions to Assignments, essay Quiz questions, Glossaries, and Forums that use Ratings. Hopefully as the Grade Me block is updated in the future more activities will be included.