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Group Override for Quizzes

Why do this?

A Group Override allows you to set different open/close times for different groups for the same quiz/exam. This is especially useful in a course that combines multiple sections. Before adding a Group Override, you must first create the groups. Here is our help on how to Create Groups and Groupings. Note: Group Override does not allow students to take a quiz/exam as a group.

To set up overrides for individual students (like those registered with DSS), please see our help guide on individual overrides.

Set Up Group Override for a Quiz

  1. From your course homepage go to the module/week and click on the quiz title.
  2. Click on the gear icon in the upper right to open the Quiz Administration, then click Group Overrides.
    Quiz settings menu

  3. Click the button Add group override.
    Add group override button

  4. Use the Override group dropdown to choose the appropriate group.Group override settings
  5. Make the necessary selections:
    • Set the Open the quiz and Close the quiz dates and times for this group.
    • Set the Time limit for this group.
    • Set the number of Attempts allowed. Keep in mind this is the total number of attempts, not number of extra attempts.
  6. When finished, click Save, or "Save and enter another override" to set an override for another group.