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Student View of Groups

There are several ways your instructor can create groups in your course. They can have the system randomly put you into groups, they can manually put you into groups, or they can have you pick your own groups.

How to Tell Who is In Your Group

If your instructor randomly or manually created groups you might want to know who is in your group. From your course homepage click on Course Dashboard, then Participants.

 Course Dashboard and Participants link

Scroll down to your name in the list. Your group(s) will be listed under Groups.

 Groups column on Participants list shows what groups you are in

Once you know your group, scroll up to the top of the page. Filter by Group and then the name of the group. Click Apply filters. This will show you all students in your group.

 filter by group and group name


Choose Your Group with Group Self-Selection

If your instructor has allowed you to pick or create your own group you will do so through the Group Self Selection activity.

To join a group, click the "Become member of" button for that group. If the maximum number of members for a group has been reached, you will not be able to become a member of that group until someone leaves. To leave a group, click "Leave group."

To create a new group, if allowed, click "Create a new group."

student view of group self selection