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Allow Additional Time for One or More Students

Why Do This

You may need to give a student with a disability extra time to complete a quiz. Or you might need to change the quiz open/close times for a student who has a legitimate reason for missing a quiz, or provide an additional attempt for a student who experienced a technical issue that and wasn't able to complete the quiz.

You will need to set up a user override individually for each student that needs it, and for each quiz. There is currently no way to bulk set up user overrides.

Set Up Individual Overrides

  1. From your course homepage go to the module/week and click on the quiz title.
  2. Click on the gear icon in the upper right to open the Quiz Administration, then click User Overrides.
    User Overrides link in Quiz Admin block

  3. Click the Add user override button.
    add user override button
  4. There are five steps to adding a user and setting up the override.
    • Step 1: Type the student's name in the Search Box and select them from the list.
    • Step 2: Set the Start date/time for this student.
    • Step 3: Set the End date/time for this student. Keep in mind this is a hard deadline. Once reached, the quiz will close even if the student has time left on their timer.
    • Step 4: Set the time limit for this student. Below, set the number of attempts. Keep in mind this is the total number of attempts, not number of extra attempts.
    • Step 5: When finished, click the Save button. If you have more than one user to setup an override for, select "Save and enter another override."

set the override