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Tracking Your Completion of Course Activities

Activity Completion is a setting in every activity and resource that allows the instructor to set how that item can be marked as complete for each student. By default, items are marked complete by you manually checking the box next to that item on the course homepage. However, instructors can set it so that the item is automatically marked as complete and checked when certain conditions are met. Those conditions can be simply viewing an item, to submitting to an item (as in the case of an Assignment), to receiving a specific grade for an item. Instructors can also disable activity completion for individual items, as well as for the entire course.

The “Progress” displayed for each course on the My Courses page, as well as each Course Dashboard, is tied to Activity Completion. Your individual “progress” through a course is determined by the number of items marked complete divided by the total number of items being tracked.

course block on My Courses page  

Progress gauge on Course Dashboard


Marking Items as Complete

An item that has been marked complete will have a green check mark.

green check mark next to completed item

If there is a gray check mark to the right of an item it means you must manually mark that item as complete. When ready, click on the check mark to turn it green.

 gray check mark next to item

If there is a gray exclamation point to the right of an item it means the item will be marked as complete automatically when certain conditions are met. Once those conditions are met, it will turn into a green check mark.

 gray exclamation point next to item

If there is no icon to the right of an item that means Activity Completion has been disabled for that item.

no check mark next to item