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Using the Glossary

The glossary activity allows participants to create and maintain a list of definitions, like a dictionary, or to collect and organize resources or information. Definitions can include text, images, links, and attachments. Your instructor can choose to moderate entries, allow duplicate entries, grade entries, and allow comments on entries.

Adding Glossary Entries

  1. From your course homepage click on the name of the glossary.

 glossary on course homepage

  1. Click the "Add a new entry" button on the left under the search box.

 add new entry button

  1. In the Concept box enter the word or phrase you are describing and then enter the Definition. For assistance please see our help guide on using the Text Editor Toolbar.

concept and definition boxes

  1. Optional: add any keywords and attach any related files.

keyword box and attach files

  1. When finished, click Save changes at the bottom. If your instructor has not allowed duplicate entries and someone has already created an entry for this concept, you will receive an error message. Return to step 3 and continue with a different concept.

 save changes button

  1. Your entry will then be posted. If your instructor is moderating entries your entry will remain hidden from others until it has been approved.

finished glossary entry

Editing/Deleting Glossary Entries

If allowed by your instructor, you can edit or delete your posted entries.

To edit, click the gear icon in the lower right of the entry. To delete, click the trash can icon in the lower right of the entry.

edit and delete icons in the lower right of a glossary entry

Commenting on Glossary Entries

If allowed by your instructor, you can comment on glossary entries.

To do so, click on Comments below the entry. Write your comment and when finished click Save comment.

comment on glossary entry