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Live Streaming

We can assist you in streaming live events to large audiences online. Often referred to as webinars, these can augment or replace existing large public functions, including things like:

  • Promotional meetings
  • Online conferences
  • Professional development sessions

Our systems can stream great-looking live video to large audiences of thousands, who can watch on standard computers and mobile devices, anywhere in the world with broadband networking. A moderator can solicit online responses from the audience and relay them to the presenter. Presentations can be recorded for later playout to those unable to attend. The system can return stats on how many particpated. It's a great system and we look forward to assisting you with your next online event.


This web conferencing software can provide audio and video streams that encompass both camera video and what's happening on shared computer screens. This can be provided as an interactive experience with speakers/presenters from a variety of locations almost anywhere in the world, or as a one-to-many webinar type experience.

Webinar to India.

Webinar presentation being streamed live to Hyderabad, India by a CSUSM faculty member.

YouTube Live

We also use YouTube Live for streaming live events. YouTube has the advantage of excellent compatibility with almost all devices and support for large numbers of viewers, but lacks any capability for interactivity.