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New Employee Online Access

If you are a new faculty or staff member, we realize you need access to many campus programs and resources as soon as possible. However, creating your full employee account is a multi-department process and takes time as it involves Human Resources, Payroll, and IITS (just to name a few of the groups involved).

What IITS does before you arrive:

  • create your email account
  • set up your computer and phone
  • create your campus login

Once HR enters in your information into you will be able to access to

Please note: There are legal processes that must be followed when hiring a new employeeand this process may take time. IITS is dependent on HR/Payroll finishing these required processes prior to giving you access to  This means you may have to ask your department/college staff to supply you with your class rosters or other information in

A second form is needed by HR/Payroll, called the ATF or PAN (which one depends on your new job).  It is one of these two forms from which HR/Payroll will work to create your identity in Once HR/Payroll finishes their part of your account creation, your basic “roles” in will be granted. These roles include access to time reporting and, for faculty, grade rosters.

How to receive additional CMS Access:

If you need more access than the basic access, your supervisor (or his/her designee) must submit a “CMS Access Request Form” (this form can be submitted as soon as your campus ID is known). Access to specific parts of can take a little time, as the request has to be approved by one or more groups (depending on what you need) before another group grants the access. This is a checks-and-balances process that we must do for audit compliance. It simply takes time, especially at the start of a new semester when there are many new employees that need entered into the system.