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Installing a Network Printer

Network printers have to be installed from the print servers. Black and white printers are on prnvista. Color printers are on on prnvista2, and Canon multifuncti on printers are on prncanon.

The easiest way to install a network printer on a PC is to:

  1. Go to Start>Run. Type \\prnvista (for black and white printers), \\prnvista2 (for color and specialty printers), or \\prncanon for the Canon multifunction printers. Installation instructions for Canon installs.
  2. Click OK.
  3. Select your printer from the list.  Double-click on it to begin to install.
  4. If you are prompted to install drivers, click on the Install drivers button.
  5. When you see the printer window pop up, you will know you have successfully installed the printer.

NOTE: If you are having a problem printing to a printer and you are advised to reinstall it, you should remove the existing printer before installing it again. To uninstall a printer, go to Start, Devices and Printers, right-click on the printer, and select Remove Device from the menu. Go through steps 1-5 (above) after it's removed.