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  • Q: When is CSUSM deploying Windows 10?
  • A: We will begin deploying Windows 10 for on-campus machines in the summer of 2016 in preparation for the Fall 2016 Academic Term.
  • Q: Will I be forced to Windows 10 on my individual state-owned machine?
  • A: No. Currently only new devices purchased will have the option to receive Windows 10 along with devices that require a wipe and reload due to a seperated employee or malware/virus.
  • Q: When will Windows 10 be available for upgrades for Windows 7 state-owned workstations?
  • A: Upgrades from Windows 7 to version 10, on supported devices, will be available at the end of the calendar year on an ongoing basis.
  • Q: Will IITS be offering training for Windows 10 & Office 2016?
  • A: Yes.  IITS will be providing training materials and individual training as needed.  Please refer to the training page for more information.
  • Q: I just bought a personal machine and it came with Windows 10, what does this mean for using it on campus?
  • A: The machine should behave like any other personally owned machine that is brought to campus and we will support it just as any other personal device.
  • Q: Will software that works on Windows 7 work on Windows 10?
  • A: Software and hardware compatible with Windows 7 are mostly compatible with Windows 10.  IITS has verified all licensed academic software used in the classrooms is compatible.  For inquiries on a specific software, please contact the Help Desk.
  • What Software will be installed by default on Windows 10 computers?
  • A: Microsoft Office 2016 (Access, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Word)
  • A: Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge
  • A: TREND Micro Antivirus Protection
  • A: Adobe Acrobat