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We are happy to offer all CSUSM students and faculty CougarApps, a technology to provide access to a rich set of software applications previously only offered on campus computers. CougarApps gives you the opportunity to access campus applications and your files from anywhere at anytime.

How-To Video: Use Kumo & Save Files in CougarApps

Login to CougarApps


Using DUO & CougarApps

Using DUO to sign into CougarApps is explained in this guide:


If you run into an issue, opening an application, or accessing a file, the best thing to do is unintalling and reinstalling the Citrix Receiver. The following will help you:

Setup Instructions

If you are using Cougar Apps for the first time, the following will help you get started: 

Saving and Accessing Documents

With CougarApps, you can save files and access documents that you have previously saved on your campus H-drive or on your local computer. The following will help you on how to do that, and give you troubleshooting tips if you run into a problem. 

Microsoft Excel Instructions

These are instructions for using Microsoft Excel & plug-ins in CougarApps

Virtual Lab Desktop Instructions

 These are instructions for using the Virtual Lab Desktop in CougarApps