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Forgot Password

If you are unable to log in and have your username, please go to Change Password and click on Forgot Your Password. You will be asked to enter your username, and then answer your security questions. 

If you don't remember your security questions, come to the Student Technology Help Desk (located on the 2nd floor of Kellogg Library) with your campus photo ID and we can reset your password for you. Our hours are posted at Student Technology Helpdesk Hours. We will need to see a valid campus photo ID before resetting your password.

If you are unable to come to the Student Technology Help Desk, please fill out our online Password Reset Form, and we will respond with a temporary password and instructions on what to do next.

NOTE: The password we set for you is temporary. You will need to set your password to a
permanent one at Change Password Make sure to answer at least 3 of the security questions as
you change your password so you have access to reset your password in the future.

Password Self-Service (Challenge Questions)

Students can answer security questions to reset a forgotten password online, no matter what time of the day or night the password needs reset. You can take advantage of this new process by setting up the answers to your security questions ahead of time. That way, if you forget your password in the future, you will get redirected automatically to the questions without having to come into the Helpdesk. To set up your security questions, visit Change Password.  Log in with your username and password, click on the Enrollement tap, and answer your security questions. 

As long as you answer your security questions correctly in the future, you will be able to create your new password, even when the Help Desk is closed.  (Please note:  If you forget the answers to your questions, you will have to come to the Student Technology Help Desk, 2nd floor of Kellogg Library, with your campus ID to get a new password.  After obtaining the new password, you will then have to log into the password change page to review and update your questions.)

When using the security questions to change your password, you will generate a 24-hour password.  Please change that password to something that you can remember.  The link to change your password is also found at Change Password.  Once you have changed your password, your new password should take effect on all machines immediately. 

What Makes a Valid Password?

All passwords must have the following to be valid:

  • At least eight characters in length
  • At least one lower case letter
  • At least one upper case letter
  • At least one number
  • Cannot use words that can be found in a dictionary
  • Must not have 5 consecutive characters from username
  • Must not contain 5 consecutive characters from your old password
  • Maximum length should not exceed "18"

There are a number of good schemes for creating valid passwords. You can use a word, but substitute numbers for some of the letters. (Example password:  Spiderman becomes Sp1d2rm3n)

Can I Share My Password?

No. Sharing passwords is a violation of the Computer Equipment Access Policy.  By sharing your password with anyone, you are giving that person access to your email,, and other confidential resources to which you have been granted access.

Programs Affected by Password Change

When you change your password, it might not affect all your applications for which you have passwords, as some applications that have their own passwords.

The programs listed below ARE affected by a password change:

Login and Network