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Accessing Your Faculty or Staff Email

CSUSM uses Microsoft Exchange for our Faculty and Staff email services using both the desktop and/or web version of Outlook.

If you are a new faculty or staff member, please contact the Faculty/Staff Help Desk at x4790 to schedule a time to set up your  Outlook email account on your campus computer.

When you are not at your campus computer, or if you are off campus, you can use the web version of Outlook (call Exchange Online) to view your email via a web browser(i.e., Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or MS Edge).

Entering into a web browser, will get you a login box.  Enter your username followed by "" (for example, in the Username box and your CSUSM password in the Password box.

**Fac/Staff:  Follow links below for specific instructions :
- Read first - Steps to change your password- Change Password Now
- Self Service Unlock - Reset
- Spam Email
- Phishing Schemes

CSUSM students - Cougars email for life! 

Follow these instructions to access your cougars email:

1. Make sure you have already created your own password and have activated your campus username

    • Your campus username will consist of the first 5 letters of your last name and 3 generated numbers. 
      • If your name has less than 5 letters, then your entire last name will be used
      • Examples: rodri874, smith999 and may098
    • For instructions on how to change your password please go to the Username and Password page.

2. Go to or

3. Type in your entire email address.

    • Example:
    • Note: this is the only campus account where you will need to add ""


4. Now enter in the password that you created.

5. You will now see your inbox. 

    • Make sure and check your cougars email regularly.
    • Here you will receive emails from professors, campus wide announcements and classmates.

If you have any questions contact the Student Technology Help Desk.