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OU Campus Guides

General OU Campus Info:

Section Overview
Web Content Best Practices

Helping pave the way for consistent CSUSM webpages. Learn about how many spaces should be after a sentence, making proper link names, and what to do with posting fliers.

User types in OU Campus

Depending on your role on campus your permissions in OU Campus will be different. 

Staff/Faculty have more permissions than students by default. 

Logging in to OU Campus

How to Log in to OU Campus to make site and page edits.

Checking Pages In and Out

How to check in and out page content to allow other people to edit pages you have interacted with.

Preview Publishing for
Development Pages

How to publish pages to a special preview server for review before pages go live.

Editing Page Content:

Section Overview
Updating Page Title/Display Name How to update the page title, tab name, and page breadcrumbs in OU Campus.
Editing a page in OU How to log in and edit pages in OU Campus.
Adding headers on OU How to add clearly marked and coded text to topics and sub-topics to a page's content.
Adding/Removing Sidebar Content How to add or remove sidebar content
Inserting tables on OU How to insert tables onto a page.
Adding images to a page in OU Learn sizing requirements, alternative text, and how to upload an image to a page.
How to add a link to a page Learn how to create descriptively named links for for best accessibility and usability.
Adding anchor links on OU

Learn how to jump to a specific place on a page. This function is great for long pages or lists like FAQs.

Adding button links on OU

Learn how to add the button effect to your links.

Page Layout:

Section Overview
How to add Layout Snippets to your pages Add layout options for your page such as a 50/50 page split, 70/30 split, 30/70 split, and more!

Page Add-Ons & Snippets:

Section Overview
Embedding a Wufoo Form to a Page Learn how to embed a Wufoo Form in OU Campus  by using a pre-made Snippet.
Embedding videos on OU Learn how to add videos to your site and how to request captioning services.
Directory Snippet Learn how to add in a directory (list or cards) to a page.
Adding Social Media Add visual Social Media channels to your page. Add any combo of links to: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn easily.
Adding iFrames Embed a third party product such as: Google Calendar, TockifyGreenrope, etc
Adding Accordions Make easy to skim content with expandable accordions on your page.
Adding a Caption Add a caption to an image to give more context/information to images posted.
Page Sliders How to request a slider to be initiated and how to choose effective content for a slider.
Highlight Cards General issues when modifiying a highlight card.
Interactive Datatable Looking for a way to sort and/or filter content in a table? Check out our highly customizable datatable snippet to do just that!

Site Navigation - How to Update and Create:

Section Overview
Updating Site Navigation How to update your site's navigation in OU Campus.
Creating a Redirect How to redirect from one site area to another.

Creating New Pages or Folders:

Section Overview
Creating New Pages in OU How to add in new pages to OU Campus. These include templates: directory, new page, new folder with and index page.
Adding files to OU How to add in images, documents, and more in OU Campus. Learn how to make living documents and upload new files in place of already created ones. Learn about what file types are allowed on OU Campus.
Editing the "Contact Us" footer link Let site users contact your department or team member directly by modifying the "Contact Us" link in the footer.

File Management:

Section Overview

Recycling content in OU Campus

Learn how to remove old content from your site. You can remove pages, images, and files and put them in the recycling bin.

Page Versions

Learn how to revert to previous page versions on OU Campus.

Webpage Accessibility Evaluations:

All campus web pages must be created with accessible materials in accordance with federal and state laws, along with the CSU Chancellor's Office Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) rulings. All content owners are required to be familiar with web accessibility practices and create content that meets campus guidelines.

Web evaluations are conducted to report problems regarding the accessibility and usability of web applications within the CSUSM web environment. Page content testing happens on a monthly basis and testing is done on individual department web sites; if issues are identified, page edits may be made for you or an email may be sent out notifying of the issues by the Web Accessibility Specialist. 

Key accessibility features include:

  • Descriptive link text (should be able to read a link and know where it is going to without reading the rest of the sentence).
  • Alternative text descriptions on all images. These must be meaningful. Please do not put "image".
  • Not using text-heavy images on a page. Instead add the content as regular text or upload as an OCR scanned PDF.
  • Structural markup to identify headings and lists.
  • Association of all data cells in a data table with column and row headers.
  • Sites that working with or without Style Sheets used to enhance the appearance of sites.

If assistance is needed on creating an accessible website, please email and someone from the accessibility team will assist. Learn more about CSUSM's Accessibility requirements.

Intro to Accessibility PPT

 If you have additional questions about OU Campus, please contact the Web Team