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The Announcements forum is used to send messages to all students. A copy is immediately posted in the Announcements forum, and is pushed out to their email around the top of the hour.

  1. Locate the Announcements forum in your course. By default it is in the Introduction section (the very first section) of your course. Click on the Announcements link to open the forum.
    announcement link to send message to all students

  2. Click the "Add a new topic" to start the message.

    add new topic button
  3. Type the subject and message.
    type the subject and message in the appropriate boxes

    Note: If you are copying and pasting from Word, do not just copy and paste into the Message box. Instead, click the icon in the upper left to open all of the toolbar options and then click the Paste from Word icon.
    paste from word icon
    Paste into that box and click Insert.
  4. Select the Post to forum button.

post forum button to send the message