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Add Course Users

Why Do This

At the start of the semester during add/drop period, there can be up to a 24 hour administrative delay between the time a student turns in their paperwork and they are added to your Cougar Course. If they need access to course activities during that time, you can manually add the student to your course users. You can also use this process to add TAs or give students finishing up an incomplete access to a hidden course.  Note: due to FIRPA requirements, you do not have the ability to add other Instructors to your course. Contact cchelp for assistance with this.

1. Click on the course dashboard link at the bottom right of your course Table of Contents.

dashboard llink

2. Select Participants. 

 dashboard with participants link

3. On the Participants screen, click the Enroll users button at the top right.

4. In the Enrollment options pop-up, type the name of the user (or username before the @ in the email) you wish to enroll. Click on the name from the dropdown list.

Select user to add

5. Repeat #3 and #4  to add additional users with the same role.

Note, if their name doesn’t come up, verify they are NOT already a participant. You can also try entering their username in the search.

6. Assign role: Select the appropriate roll from  the dropdown.

7. Click Enroll selected users and cohorts.

Select role dropdown and Enroll button