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Customizing Blocks Layout

Why Do This?
You can reorganize the blocks on your course homepage, moving them up, down, or to the other side of your course. You can also hide a block, or delete it entirely. These actions impact the block organization of all course users. However, other actions change only your course view. When you collapse a block, so only the block title is displayed, or dock a block on the far left side of the screen, this only affects your view. In other words, these actions are available to each user independently.

Moving a Block

1. Turn Editing on. Click on the Turn Editing button in top right hand corner of your course by your name.
turn editing on
2. Find the block you wish to move. Click on the 4-sided arrow button and HOLD down your mouse button. while dragging the block. (You will not see the 4-sided arrow unless editing is turned on).

select the cross arrow icon to move the block
3. Slowly drag the block up, down, left or right to the desired position, (holding down the mouse button) then release when the block is in the desired location.

Hide or Delete a Block

Note that some blocks are not visible to the student, as they apply only to instructor functions. Two examples are the Mass Actions block and the Sharing Cart.

1. With your course editing on, click the settings icon in the block you wish to hide.
select the gear icon to change block settings
2. Click on Hide, or Delete. If you accidentally delete a block, you can add it back using the Add a Block.

Collapse a Block

3. With your editing on, click the negative sign at the top right in the block you wish to collapse. Only the block title will be displayed when collapsed.
select the dash icon to collapse the block

4. To expand the block, click the + symbol at the top right.

selecct the plus icon to expand the block

Dock a Block

1. Click the < symbol at the top right of the block to collapse the block along the top left edge of the screen in a blue vertical bar.
select the < to dock the block
2. You can dock multiple blocks. T To use the block, mouse over it and it will temporarily expand.
hover over docked block to expand the block

3. To return the block to the side of your course, click the > icon at the top right of the block.

select the > on the bottom left of the screen to undock the blocks