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Using Zoom to Record a Presentation

Why use this?

Zoom is a virtual conferencing tool. In addition to hosting and recording meetings, Zoom can be used to record and share a presentation. Watch this example of a video presentation created using Zoom

1. Go to and download the program

2. . Open the Zoom program

3. In the Zoom window, click on the Start with Video button

Start with Video Button

4. It will open Zoom with your video camera turned on

open zoom

5. On the bottom left, click on the Audio button to test your mic and speaker

test mic and speaker

6. Open the PowerPoint Presentation

7. Click to Share Screen Share Screen button

share screen button

8. Select the PowerPoint presentation window and click on the Share Screen button

powerpoint window

9. You will see your screen appear with green around it

10. Roll your mouse over the top if the screen where you see a green button

11. Roll over to the three dots above More then choose Start Recording for the list

start recording

12. Use the down arrow to advance your slides as you present your presentation

13. When you are finished, roll your mouse over the top of your screen where you see a green button

14. Roll over the three dots above More and choose Stop Recording from the list

stop recording

15.Click on the Stop Share button

stop share

16. You will be taken back to the Zoom meeting window

17. On the bottom right, click on the End of Meeting button

18. Click on the End Meeting for All button

end meeting for all

19. You will see a box saying the video is being processed

processing video

20. Once it finishes, a folder will open with several files

file folder

21. . Upload the largest file size (probably called zoom_O.mp4) to YouTube

Tip: Refer to the Student How-To guide for uploading videos to YouTube and make sure you add your video as unlisted and not private.