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CC Basics FAQs

  • Why can't my students see the course?

    Courses are hidden/not published  from the students until the Instructor chooses to make it visible.  Courses are hidden/not published from students by default. This is indicated by the not published warning on the course card of My Courses. To make it visible:

    • click the admin settings dropdown next to your name at the top right of the course,
    • select Edit settings and change the visibility setting from Hide to Show,
    • scroll to the bottom and click the Save and display button on the left. 

    Courses from previous semesters are also hidden. If a student needs access to a course from a previous semester, you can change their role in that course to “Student with Access to Hidden Course”.  To do this:

    • Go to the old course, and in the Administration block select Users>Enrolled users.
    • Locate the student’s name. In the same row, click the lock icon in the roles column. 
    • In the Assign roles popup, select "Student with Access to Hidden Course".
  • What happened to the blocks?

    The administration block is now accessed from the gear icon next to your name at the top right of each course.   Other blocks are located in the Course Dashboard, linked at the bottom of the course Table of Contents.
  • How can I see what the student sees (student view)?

    You can change to the student view of your course using the admin settings dropdown next to your name at the top right. Select  "Switch role to"… and  click on “Student”.  The same dropdown is used to select “Return to my normal role”.
  • How do I add a picture/table/link/video to my course?

    It depends on where you want to add  it. To add a link to your course homepage, see the faculty guide> Adding Resources>Adding Links.  Due to their file size, you can’t upload videos directly into your course. Instead, add a link to videos that are hosted either on MyMediasite, YouTube or elsewhere. You can also add images, tables, and links anywhere the text editor is available, including section headers, pages, quizzes, and forums.   See the faculty guides>Cougar Courses Basics>Using the text editor.
  • I don’t see one of my courses listed on the CC homepage, but I know I've been assigned.

    You can view all of your courses in one of two ways: either click the My courses link or the Dashboard link in the blue menu bar at the top of the homepage. On the Dashboard tab, click the Courses link.

    If you still don’t see your course, email  with your name and a screenshot of MYCSUSM showing your name and the course name/ 5 digit CRN.  If you dont' see the cousre in MYCSUSM, contact your department Administrative Coordinator.