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Course Management FAQs

  • Why can't my students see the course?

    Courses are hidden/not published  from the students until the Instructor chooses to make it visible.  Courses are hidden/not published from students by default. This is indicated by the not published warning on the course card of My Courses. To make it visible:

    • click the admin settings dropdown next to your name at the top right of the course,
    • select Edit settings and change the visibility setting from Hide to Show,
    • scroll to the bottom and click the Save and display button on the left. 

    Courses from previous semesters are also hidden. If a student needs access to a course from a previous semester, you can change their role in that course to “Student with Access to Hidden Course”.  To do this:

    • Go to the old course, and in the Administration block select Users>Enrolled users.
    • Locate the student’s name. In the same row, click the lock icon in the roles column. 
    • In the Assign roles popup, select "Student with Access to Hidden Course".
  • I'm a new instructor and was just assigned. How do I get a course in CC?

     Courses are automatically created shortly after students begin enrolling, so you don’t need to request a course. Once you are officially hired and your department’s  Administrative Coordinator enters you into MYCSUSM as the instructor associated with the course, you will see it after logging on to Cougar Courses. For late hires, when there are unusual circumstances, the Administrative Coordinator can send an email to requesting that we give you access to the course. 
  • I am a current instructor just assigned a course. Can you give me instructor access?

    Once your department's  Administrative Coordinator enters you into MYCSUSM as the official  instructor associated with the course, you’ll be added to the course shell on CC. If there is something preventing the AC from completing this process,  they need to send an email to explaining the circumstances and providing us with your name, the course title and the 5 digit CRN.
  • A course was reassigned to me. Can you remove the previous instructor's access?

    Yes, but this requires a database administrator to make the change.  Please send us a screenshot of the MYCSUSM course roster showing your name as the instructor and we’ll make the request.  It may take up to a week for the previously instructor to be removed.
  • How do I get access to another instructor's course?

    The instructor would have to add you to their course as a student, or student with access to hidden courses.  If you want a copy of their course to use, they can backup the course, download the backup file and share that file with you. You willl then use the restore procedure to copy the content into your course.  (see faculty guides Course Setup>Backup and Restore Course content.
  • How do I add students, a TA, or another Instructor to my course?

    See the Faculty Guides>Course Management>adding Course Users.  Be sure to select the correct role from the  Assign role dropdown.

  • How can I give someone without a CSUSM account access to my course?

    Please email with their first name, last name, an email address and the role you want us to give them: either student or facilitator without gradebook access. We can not assign an Instructor role or facilitator with gradebook access due to FERPA considerations.  We will create an account and notify them of their username and password. 

  • How do I delete students from my course?

    You can't, and neither can we. If a student officially drops or withdraws from the course, their access will be removed automatically.  If you wish to drop a student due to a violation of your course policies, talk with your department chair about the possibility and process.
  • How can I get the student's view of my course?

    In your course, click on the Admin settings icon ( gear) at the top right.  In the dropdown select the last item - "Switch role to" and select Student from the options.   Click on the gear icon again and select Return to My Normal Role when ready. 

    Note that this function does not allow you to act as an actual student in the course, for example viewing the gradebook or submitting assignments.

  • How do I print a roster?

    If you simply want a list of the students and their emails:

    • Go to the Gradebook>Export tab and select Excel spreadsheet. 
    • Scroll to the bottom of the list of grade items to be included.
    • Select none, then click the Course total checkbox. 
    • Click download, then save the file.

    If you wish to create a sign in sheet for the students:

    • Add the Sign in Sheet block to your course from the Add a block.
    • Locate the block and click the Generate sign in sheet link. 
    • Click the print button.
  • Is there a way for me to download all the files I've posted to my course at once?

    This was a feature in earlier versions of Moodle, but not any longer. You’ll have to download and save them individually.  If you click the Resources link in the Activities block, it will display them all on one page.