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FAQs About the GradeBook

  • How do I enter the grades into MYCSUSM course rosters.

    We don't have access to this process as it's controlled by the Registrar's office.  Your Administrative Coordinator, or another faculty member may be able to help you.  You can also contact the Registrar's Office.
  • How do I delete grade items?

    If an activity was created on your course homepage, you must delete that activity from the homepage, which will remove it from thegradebook.  Hiding the activity will not remove the points from thegradebook course total calculation.    

    To delete items you manually created in the gradebook, go to the gradebook setup tab.  Click the edit dropdown to the right of that item and select delete.

  • How do I reorder items in my gradebook?

    Go to the gradebook, then select the setup tab, to the far left of the grade item, there will be an icon, and if you rollover it – it says “move”. Click it, and then click where you want to move the item to by selecting the “move here” icon in the desired spot. To move multiple grade items at once– check the boxes to the far right of the grade items and at the bottom of the page it says, “Move selected items to”. Click on the drop down menu, choose the category or place you would like to move them.

  • How do I see the student's view of their gradebook?

    To see what a student sees in the gradebook, go to the view tab of your gradebook, and click on the User Report tab.  In the “Select all or one user” drop down menu, choose all users or a particular student and select View Report as User. It will then show you exactly what the student(s)  can see.
  • How do I award extra credit?

    The EC checkbox is available as you add a manual grade item to your gradebook. If the grade item already exists in your gradebook, then from the setup tab:

    • select EDIT for that item and choose Edit Settings. 
    • Click on Expand all and then check the box for Extra Credit.
    • Hit Save.
  • How do I drop the lowest (x number ) of quizzes/forums, etc.?

    In order to do this, you must have the group of grade items( i.e. quizzes), in a category and each grade item must have the same point value.

    In the gradebook setup tab:

    1. Locate the category edit icon, to the right of the category name (top of the category, not the total).
    2. Click edit/edit settings.
    3. Under the aggregation setting, click show more.
    4. Enter the number of items to drop in the “Drop the lowest” setting. If your category is set to natural aggregation, the category total will be adjusted.

    If you are using a weighted aggregation, adjust the maximum grade to reflect the total of the included items.

  • How do I enter a grade for an assignment/quiz the students took on paper?

    You need to create a manual item in the gradebook.  To do this, click the Faculty Guides link in the CC menu bar, then in the Gradebook section, select "Create Manual grade item".
  • How do I change the point value of a grade item/ activity?

    In the gradebook you can only change the point value of manual items, using the edit dropdown for that item.  To change the value of a quiz, assignment or other activity created in CC, you need to go to the course homepage, edit the assignment settings and change the point value there.

  • Why can't I see the course or category totals on the Grader Report page?

    The gradebook, and grade categories have three possible views: full view, aggregates only (totals columns), and grades only (no totals). If you don't see a category or the course total, you have inadvertently changed the view from full view to grades only.  To fix this, toggle the small icon just to the right of the course name or category name in the grades table, until it displays the totals . gradebook view tab showing icon for changing view
  • The students can't see one or more scores in the gradebook.

    This could be several different situations. Here are the most common:

    • The column in the gradebook is hidden. Go to the Gradebook setup tab. Click on the Edit button to the right of the assignment .  If hidden, you will have the option to click show. 
    • The category you have the grade in, is hidden. Again, click on the edit button to the right of the category from the setup view, and make sure to select Show. 
    • If a Turnitin assignment, check the post date in the assignment settings.  The grade isn't "posted" to the gradebook until this date is past.
    For more info: Go to the faculty help docs from Cougar Courses and select the End of gradebook Tasks document for help.
  • Why can't students see the course total?

    Students may not be able to see your course total if:
    1. The course total is hidden. Go into your setup tab from the gradebook. Click on Edit to the left of your course name at the very top of the setup view tab under NAME. Then click Edit Settings, Click Show More, and then check to see that the Hidden box is not checked and that you haven’t locked it.

    2.If that is not it, then you may have hidden items from previous semesters or that you hid for this course. Go to the Course Grade Settings tab, then make sure that under the User Report heading – “Hide Totals if they contain hidden items” is set to “Show totals either including or excluding points from the hidden grade items” you may have. Hit Save. Then check the User Report to see if the totals now show.

    If you still need help, the faculty help guide for the “End of Semester Gradebook Tasks” has all the many ways that grade items can become hidden.

  • How can I show the course total for only the items that have been graded so far?

    By default the system counts ungraded items as zeros. So students start out with a course total of 0 and work their way up as items are graded. If you only want the course total to include the items that have been graded, and exclude the ungraded items, you will need to go into the settings of each category (your whole course is a actually a category) and exclude empty grades. To do so, go to the gradebook Setup page and for each category, find the folder icon, go to the right and click Edit then Edit Settings. Click Show More underneath the Aggregation setting. Check the box for "Exclude empty grades." Scroll to the bottom and click Save changes. Repeat for each category (folder icon) you have in your course.