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Import Courses

You can transfer content from one Cougar Course to another when both courses are available to you from your MyCourses link. If you teach multiple sections of a course during a single semester or the courses are both within the same Academic Year. If you must go to the Previous Courses link to locate the “old” course you want to reuse, you need to use the Backup/Restore process to bring the content over to the server containing your new course.

1.    Log on to Cougar Courses.
2.    Select the course you want to bring content into (Your new course).
3.    In your new course, select the Admin icon (gear) at the top right. From the dropdown, select  Import.

Admin settings, with dropdown and import selected

4. Click the radio button in front of the course you wish to import. (The course that has the content that you want.) Click on the Continue button.

NOTE: If you don't see your course, type the name of the course in the search box and press the Search button to locate it.

Select course from list to import

5. In the Backup settings window, click Next.
Note: You may choose to deselect the question bank. Doing so will prevent the ability to import quizzes.

Items to include or exclude in the backup file

6. In the Schema settings window, review all your course content. Click in the checkboxes to deselect:
a. The News forum/Announcements.
b. Any topics or content you do not want to import into your new course.

Select and unselect items to import

7. Scroll to the bottom and click Next.

• You may use the Show type options to deselect specific types of activities, such as URLs.
• You may choose None if you are targeting a few particular items for import.

Note, you must click the topic name in order to select any items within that topic.

Confirmation of items that will be imported 

8. In the Confirmation and review window, review the list of included items, identified with a
9. At the bottom of the screen click Perform import or, to edit your selections, click Previous.

10. Time to import will vary according to your course size. Once the import is complete, click Continue.

Continue button after import