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Add Labels to Organize Your Content

Why Do This

Add labels to organize content within modules of your course.


  1. Login to Cougar Courses and access your course.
  2. Turn editing on.
    turn editing on button
  3. Click on Add an activity or resource.
    select add an activity or resource link
  4. Select Label from the activity picker window and click on the Add button.
    select label from the list of resources
  5. Add text to the label text box.  You can also insert an image.
    label text box
  6. Select Save and return to course.
    select the save and return to course button
  7. You will see the label as the last item in the topic area.
  8. Click on the move arrow and hold. Drag the label to its desired location.
    move tool
  9. Once the label is where you want it, select the edit settings link to the right of the item and choose move right/left to create an easy visual for students.
    edit item settings options
  10. You will have an organized flow to your content.