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Enable Spell Check on Browsers

Apple Safari Browser

1. Simply open a Safari session, and right-click in any area you can type.
Then, go to the spelling and grammar section.
2. Make sure “Check Spelling While Typing” is checked, and if you like also make sure “Correct Spelling Automatically” is checked.

spell check settings in safari

Google Chrome

1. By default, spell check is on in Google Chrome. If isn’t working, follow these steps. First, hit the Chrome Menu button.
2. Click the settings button
3. Scroll down to the Languages section, and click “Language and input settings…”
4. On this window, make sure the checkbox in the lower-left hand corner is checked. This will enable spell check.

chrome spell check setup

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9

1. By default, IE9 does not have a spell check. If you would like one installed, you’ll need an add-on called Speckie. Download from
2. When prompted, make sure to click “save”. Then, once its downloaded, you’ll see this window:
3. Click “Run” to start the installation process.
click the run button to install the program
4. The IE window will need to be closed, you’ll be prompted to do this:
5. Click Next to go through the set-up wizard. You’ll need to click “I accept the terms in the License Agreement”, then hit Next again.
6. Click Install.
7. Click Finish
8. Once you have finished installing the program, open Internet Explorer. On the bottom of the browser, a window will appear asking you to enable the new add-on. Click Enable to start spell check.

ckick run to install speckie program

Mozilla Firefox

1. Mozilla Firefox has a built-in spell checker already. If it isn’t working, click Tools at the top of Firefox, then hit Options.
2. Next, clicked the” Advanced” button at the end of the Options window.
3. Check the box that says “Check my spelling as I type”, and hit OK.