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Login to Cougar Courses

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Login button on the upper right.
    login button blue
  3. Type your username and password then click on the Sign in button.
    Note: Your Username will be the same as the beginning of your campus email – everything before the @ sign.
    Note: Students and instructors, if you do not know your password, complete the Password Reset form or go to the Student Technology Helpdesk located at the 2nd floor entrance of Kellogg Library. 
    type username and password
  4.  Instructors will see all courses they have been assigned to through PeopleSoft on the Dashboard.  Students will see courses that have been made available on the Dashboard once the instructor(s) make them available.
    courses displayed as cards

NOTE for instructors: If you don't see your courses, click on the "hidden courses" link. You will see all of your past courses that do not have an end date in the Courses tab.

 Move courses to categories

Instructors can shorten the list of courses displayed and organize them by year by setting an end date for past courses.