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Shortcuts for Navigating Cougar Courses

There are a few tricks and shortcuts for navigating within Cougar Courses.


For activities that are completed within Cougar Courses, the Deadlines section on the right side of your My Courses page displays the next five activities due (across all your current courses) and whether or not you have completed them. Click on the link for an activity to be taken directly to it in the course. Keep in mind that not all assigned activities are completed within Cougar Courses, so you will want to check the syllabus, course schedule, and/or your instructor to for all due dates.

deadlines display of course assignments

Below the list there is a "View my calendar" link. Click to be taken to your calendar.

calendar view link


The calendar displays a monthly view of due dates for activities completed within Cougar Courses, as well as any events your instructors have manually added. Click on an event to open a pop-up with more information. You can also add your own due dates and reminders for activities/events that are not already there by clicking New Event in the upper right. If you use an external calendar app, you can export the Cougar Courses calendar to feed these dates into to it.

calendar view for all courses


To see the list of all visible activities or resources in a course in one location, click on the Course Dashboard link.

Course Dashboard

Scroll down and find the Activities block. Click on the desired link to display all visible items for that activity type. For example, clicking on Forums will bring you to a page that lists all visible Forums for the course.

activities block showing assignments and resources


 To find a specific resource or activity in a course, click the magnifying glass in the upper right.

magnifying glass in upper right of course

Start typing the name of what you are looking for. Matching results will be displayed below the search box. Click on the desired result to be taken to the item and module it is located in.

select result from dropdown