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Restrict Activities

Why Do This?

Conditional activities allow you to permit access to an activity based on dates, completion and/or the grade achieved in one or more previous resources or activities. This is useful when you want to make sure students have read a document, completed preparatory work or have demonstrated understanding or mastery of concepts, procedures, principles, etc., before they move on to the next activity.

Step 1: Plan
Setting conditional activities is a three-step process:

  1. Determine which activities you want to restrict access to and how you will restrict access: by date availability, grade condition, or completion of previous activities.
  2. Set the completion conditions on activities that must be completed before a student can move on.
  3. Set the access conditions for the following resource or activity.

Before configuring your conditions in CC, make a diagram or flow chart indicating the path you want the students to take.

The Instructor wants to ensure that the students read the syllabus. She sets the activity completion on Task A to “completed when the student has viewed it”. She then creates the video activity – Task B, and restricts access by setting the conditions “syllabus” and “must be marked as complete”.
 example of how conditional activities are woven together
Step 2: Set completion tracking on any resources/activities you are using as a condition to restrict access.
See Tracking Completion of Activities/Resources guide for instructions.

Step 3: Restrict access

  1. With editing turned on, click Add an activity or resource to add a new item. If updating an existing resource/activity, click the edit icon next to it on your course page.
  2. Scroll down to the Restrict Access section.

To restrict by date:

  1. Select Add restrictions and choose the Date button. This resource/activity will be available to students on that date and time.
    restrict access by date

  2. Set the date and time by setting the date to “from” or “until.”
    set date and time
  3. Keep adding restrictions as per your plan.
  4. Click the Save and return to course button when finished.

To restrict by previous activity completion conditions:

One example:  The Instructor wants to restrict students from viewing the video until after they read the syllabus. In the activity setup for the syllabus, she sets the activity completion to be marked as completed after students viewed it. She restricts access to the video using the Activity completion condition: “Syllabus must be marked complete”.

In the Restrict Access area, Activity Completion Condition field:

  • Select the pre-requisite activity (Blog One in our example) from the first dropdown. The dropdown lists all activities for which you have set activity completion tracking.
  • Select the completion condition from the second dropdown.
    select the activity to restrict access to
  • Use dropdown to select whether you want the restricted activity to be greyed-out or completely hidden from the student while it is unavailable.
  • Repeat this process if additional activity completion conditions are desired. Note that access will only be permitted when ALL completion conditions are met.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and press the Save and return to course button if finished.

Student View:

glossary with restrict access settings based on prior activity and date

The Glossary will not be available until students complete the Blog One and it is on or after August 17. It will become visible to a student once those conditions are met. This is why writing up a plan can be helpful ahead of time.

To restrict by grade condition:

To set this up the instructor would first need to edit the activity that will be hidden or restricted until another activity or set of conditions are completed.

To restrict access:

  1. Create or update the activity
  2. Scroll down to the Restrict access section
  3. Click on Add Grade Restriction from the menu window, and then set up your grade conditions.

restrict access based on grade
In this example, the Glossary activity selected will not be released to a student until they receive at least 80% on the Midterm Quiz.

Student View:
activity not available based on grade restriction of prior activity 

Note that the specific score you assigned as a condition for access is not displayed. You will need to provide this information to the students.