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Sign In Sheet

Why Do This?

Sometimes you need a physical sign in sheet for a class session. The Sign in Sheet block creates a printable list of students currently enrolled with a column where they can sign in to indicate that they attended a class or other activity. The course name and the current date is added to the top of the sheet, allowing for easy tracking of printed lists.


Adding and Using the Sign In Sheet

  1. Click on Course Dashboard listed on the right under the Contents area.

Course Dashboard link under Contents area

Then click Edits Blocks.

 Edit Blocks button

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the list of blocks on the left and find the Add A Block block. 

 add a block

  1. Choose Sign in Sheet from the drop down.

 sign in sheet in dropdown

  1. The block will then be added to your blocks on your Course Dashboard. Use the move icon move icon  in the upper right of the block to drag and drop it to a different location in the list of blocks.
  1. When ready, click on "Generate a sign in sheet" to create the sheet.  

 sign in sheet block

  1. You can modify the format of the sign in sheet using options in the upper right corner of the screen. You can order by First name or Last Name, filter by Groups you have created, or add additional blank rows to the bottom before printing. If you change any of the defaults, click Update.

 sign in sheet options

  1. Click Print Sign in Sheet to print.

 print sign in sheet

  1. If you want to edit the sheet further, we recommend you print to PDF and then either edit in Adobe Acrobat or export from Adobe Acrobat to Word.