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Speed Up Your Course Setup

 1. If you imported or restored a course from a previous semester, take a quick look at your new course to ensure that :

  • you imported the correct course,
  • all the content was imported,
  • only one copy of everything was imported.

2.    Edit all open and close dates in one place:
a)    Click to Adm settings (gear icon) and select  > Reports > Dates from the dropdown.

Admin settings, reports, dates expanded

b)    Select All activities, or a specific activity type using the dropdown filter.
c)    Click Expand All, to display the date settings for each activity, or the specific activity type you chose within a course topic.
d) Modify any dates for that activity.

change All dates screen, with expand all activities 

e) Save Changes after changing all dates.  If you selected just one activity type, Save changes before selecting the next activity type.

3.    Set or change use of groups for all activities from Admin settings  > Reports > Groups.
•    Note: you must have the groups and groupings already created (Admin settings > Users > Groups).   Don’t forget to add the students!
a)    Select All Activities or an activity type using the dropdown filter.

b) Click Expand all, to display the group settings for each activity within a course topic.

c) Modify the group mode and grouping for all activities of that type and click Save changes before exiting or selecting the next activity type.

Acitivity type assignment settings change grouping

4.  Delete items you aren’t using this semester.  Hiding these items does not remove the points from the gradebook course total so it is best to delete unused items. You can always import just these items again from your old course if you change your mind later. To delete an item, click the More options icon below the item.

copy, edit and more icons below activity

5. Check all URLs in your course, including Media library & Mediasite.
6.  Check your course from the student view – Ensure everything you want visible is available to the students, and what you want hidden, is hidden.
a)  At the top right, click the course Admin icon (gear) dropdown.
b) Scroll to the bottom and select  Switch role to
 c) Click Student.
d) To return to your Instructor role, click the Admin icon, scroll down and select Return to my normal role.

7. Make your course visible!
a)    Click the Admin icon and select Edit settings
b)    Change the Visible setting to Show , scroll down and select Save and Display on the left. 

Set course Admin setting to Show course

 8. Send an Announcement to the students, notifying them the course is available.

See below if using Q & A forums or Turnitin

Q & A Forums:

  • If you’re using the Q & A Forum type, you need to add your prompt; these do not copy over from previous semesters.

a) After updating and saving the forum settings, select the Add a new question button after saving the forum settings and enter the prompt in the Message field.  You can post a copy to all groups using the checkbox in the Display period settings below.

settings for question setup


  • When creating or updating your Turnitin assignments, remember to enter the grade points in both the Grade section (total of all parts) and each assignment part.  If you have only 1 part, the Maximum points and Max grades will be the same.  If you have more than one part to the assignment, the sum of the Max grades for all parts should equal the Maximum points.  

turnitin sections for points in two locations