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FAQs About Forums and Blogs

  • I want to use groups of students in a forum. How do I set that up?

     You must first create the groups within your course, and assign each student to a group.  See the faculty guides>Groups>Set up Groups and Groupings for help with this. 

    Once the students are assigned to a group or grouping,  edit the forum settings. Scroll down to the common module settings section, change the group mode to separate groups. If you have assigned the groups to a grouping, select it from the grouping dropdown and save.

  • In my Q & A forum, student(s)can't post.

    Students are unable to post when a  forum is set to visible or separate groups, but the post you made was not made to the groups. When you post your prompt to the Q & A forum, there is a checkbox below the attachment field that allows you to "post a copy to all groups." Redo your post and check this box before saving the post. Then, each group will be able to respond.
  • In my Q & A forum, students can't see the other students' posts.

    This is an intentional part of the design of a Q & A forum.  Students must post their "answer" to your "question" and wait for their 15 minute editing window to end before they will see the other students' answers and be able to reply to them.
  • Students say they don't have permission to add a new discussion topic.

    This occurs when the forum is set to groups, but you the student or students haven't been added to a group.  Either remove the group setting requirement in the common module settings section, or verify the  students are all assigned to a group from the Admin block>users>enrolled users.  You can add individual students to a group by clicking the edit pencil in the groups column for a particular student.
  • I don't see the ratings dropdown for some/all posts.

    1) Check the forum settings>Ratings section to verify that the aggregate type is set to something other than NO Ratings. 

    2) If only some posts are missing the dropdown, check the forum settings>Ratings>Restrict ratings to items with dates in this range setting.  If you have enabled a date range, any posts outside of this date range will not have the ratings dropdown, so  you are "restricted" to grading these.  If you wish to grade these posts, either disable the restrict ratings setting,  or go to the gradebook and enter the points directly in the gradebook view tab>grader report.  You will have to click the "Turn editing on" button at the top of the grader report in order to be able to edit the grade field.