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Groups FAQs

  • How do I setup and manage groups within my course?

    See the Faculty Guides>Groups>Setting up Groups and Groupings
  • Can students create or choose their own groups?

    Yes, see the Faculty Guides>Groups>Allowing Students to Self-Select a Group
  • How can students see who is in their group?

      Group memberships are displayed for each student in the list of course participants in the Navigation block>Courses>(course name)>Participants.
  • Can students be in more than one group?

    Yes, but only if each of the groups is used for a different purpose.  In other words, a student can't be in two groups for the same forum, but they can be in one group for Forum A and a different group for Forum B or Assignment C.  You must create groupings and put the related groups into a grouping.  So following the example above, you would create a grouping for Forum A and a different grouping for Forum B. See the faculty guides>Groups>Setting up Groups and Groupings.   
  • What if I want to use different groups for different activities?

    That's no problem.  You need to create the groups, create a grouping and add the groups for one activity into that grouping ( example, week 1 Forum) .  Repeat the process, creating new groups and a new grouping for the next activity. (example week 1 Assignment).    See the faculty guides>Groups>Setting up Groups and Groupings.   When setting up the activity, set it to groups in the Common Module Settings, and select the Grouping from the field below.  
  • I set a forum to groups, but one or more of my students can't post to the forum.

    1) Verify the student is in a group.  Any groups a student has been assigned to are displayed in the list of course users.

    2) If you are using the Q & A forum type, you must create the discussion for each group separately.  When you add a question to the Q & A forum,  check the "Post a copy to all groups" checkbox located below the attachment field.  If you don't check this box when you create the question, you'll either have to manually copy/paste your question text into a new question for each group, or create a new forum.  Detailed instructions are available in the Faculty Guides>Forums> Setting Up Forums. Scroll to the Using the A & A forum section.  

  • Can I set an assignment to groups? 

    Yes, see the Faculty Guides> Assignments & Turnitin – Creating and Adding Assignments. 
  • Can I use groups in a Turnitin assignment?

    As of now, Turnitin hasn't made this  possible. You will need to use the Assignment activity and set it to groups. See the Faculty Guides> Assignments & Turnitin>Assignments – Creating and Adding Assignments. 
  • How can I send an email to just one group?

    Click Participants from the left side block. Locate all the students in a group, using the Groups column.  Click the checkbox in front of their names.  Scroll to the bottom. In the "With selected users" dropdown, select Send a Message.   Type your message in the popup text field and click Send message.  This will send an email to their CSUSM email address.