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Create Quiz Questions


If you are sure you will only use a question or group of questions in one quiz, then you can create the questions from within the quiz. If you want to be able to use the same question(s) in a review quiz or an exam, then you will want to create a question bank category (pg. 3), and create the questions within that category (pg. 4). Putting your questions into categories also allows you to organize your questions and add to your quiz a specified number of randomly selected questions from a category.

You can now create questions that incorporate a recorded audio, video or a drawn response using the PoodLL Recording question type. The recorders or whiteboard are embedded within the questions and students’ answers are saved within your course or available for download. Adding a background to the whiteboard in a Picture response allows you to create questions such as identifying locations on a map, graphing charts, etc. PoodLL questions are graded manually.

Go to a section

  1.  Log onto Cougar courses and go to the main page of your course.
  2. Click Turn editing on.

Create Questions from Within a Quiz

3. Click the quiz name on your course home page. In the  Quiz Administration block, select Edit quiz.

edit quiz link in the administration block


If creating/ editing the quiz settings, scroll to the bottom and click the Save and display button,  then click the Edit quiz button.


edit quiz button in quiz

4. Click the Add dropdown just above the page where you want to add the question, and select a new question
add a question or change point value
5. Select  the  question type. 

select a question type
6. Click Next.

General Settings 

The fields will vary depending on question type selected. For more information on specific question types and associated fields, see

general settings
7. Question name: enter a short, descriptive name. This is displayed in question lists - students do not see this.

8. Question text: enter your question text or instructions. Use the text editor to format text, add images or links to your question.

9. Default Mark: change the question’s point value if desired.

10. General feedback (optional): type general feedback, that will be shown after the students submits the question, or quiz

11.  Complete any additional question specific fields.

12.  Optional: Check the box next to Shuffle the choices.

NOTE: If enabled, the order of the answers is randomly shuffled for each attempt, provided that "Shuffle within questions" is enabled in the quiz settings.

13.  Scroll to the bottom and click Save changes, or select  Save changes and continue editing, if you are still working on that question. 


Additional Settings and Editing Functions

options for quiz questions

Using Question Categories

Create Categories

  1. In the Administration block, click Question bank.
  2. Click Categories.

 question bank and categories link

3. Scroll down to Add category section.
settings to add a category to the quiz question bank

4. Enter a Name for the category or subcategory.  Categories are added to a Default (your course name) category. 

  • To create a subcategory, select the parent category you previously created from the dropdown list of previously created categories.

5. Click Add category button.

You can edit category names, delete or reorder categories from the Categories page.  Note: you can not delete a category that contains questions.  You would need to first move the questions to another category, or delete them if not in use. 
edit category names

Add Questions to a Category

  1. In Administration block, click Question bank.
    quiz settings in block
  2. Click Questions.
  3. Use the dropdown to Select a Category to add the question to. 
    question bank category

  4. Click Create a new question.
  5. Select a question type.
    Note: select a question type to see a description of that type.
    select a question type
  6. Click Next.

For more information on creating questions, see General Settings above. 

Your question will be saved to the category selected in step 3 above.

Move questions to a different category

  1. In the question bank, use the dropdown to select the Category containing the questions you want to move.
  2. Click the checkbox in front of the questions to move.
  3. In the With Selection section, use the dropdown to select the move to category.
  4. Click the Move to button.

add question options

 To add questions from a Category to your quiz, see the guide: Adding Quiz Questions from the Question bank.

Want more information or didn’t find the answer to your question? See Quiz Activity