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Set Up a Quiz


  • Quizzes can include anything you can put on a web page.
  • You can set  a time limit on your quiz, the number of attempts, and the method of grading multiple attempts.
  • Quiz questions can be shuffled randomly.
  • You can determine when and if hints, feedback and correct answers are shown.
  • Creating a quiz is done in two parts: 1) create the quiz shell/settings and 2) add questions, either directly or from the question bank.
  • Questions are housed in a question bank.
    • They can be categorized and used in more than one quiz.
    • If questions are in categories, a random number of questions from a category can be included in a quiz.
    • Questions can be imported from another Learning Management System or Microsoft Word using a program called Respondus, or the book publishers test bank.  If your textbook is commonly used, the publisher test bank may already be in the Respondus test bank network, which will simplify the import into CC.

Create the quiz shell

  1. Log onto Cougar Courses and go to your course.
  2. Go to the Topic/Week where you want to add the Quiz.
  3. Click the "Create Learning Activity" link at the bottom of the page.
    create learning activities link
  4. Choose Quiz from the list of Activities.
    select quiz activity

Quiz Settings

  1. Name your quiz. This is what students will see on your course homepage.
  2. In the Description field, type any special quiz instructions.

Note: Information such as the open and close date, time limit and number of attempts are automatically displayed.  

quiz setup

Quiz Timing

  1. Open the quiz: Determines when the quiz will intially be available to students. Click the “Enable” checkbox, then select the dates and times. The time is in hours(military time), then minutes.
  2. Close the quiz: When the quiz will close. Click the “Enable” checkbox, then select the dates and times. The time is in hours(military time), then minutes.
  3. Time limit: This determines how long the student has to complete the quiz once they begin their attempt. To set a time limit on the quiz attempt, click the “Enable” checkbox, then set the number of minutes/hours.
  4. Be sure the “When time expires” field is set to open attempts are submitted automatically.


Grading and Attempts Allowed

  1. If using categories in your gradebook, select the appropriate grade category for the quiz.
  2. Select the number of attempts the student will be allowed for the quiz. This can range from 1 to unlimited.
  3. Grading method: select the method for calculating the final quiz grade when multiple attempts are allowed.

quiz grade settings

Question Layout

  1. New Page: This determines number of questions per page. The default is one.   Limiting the number of questions per page to 5 or less has several advantages:
    1. saves the student’s answers each time they advance to the next page, minimizing potential data loss in case of technical problems.
    2. reduces the possibility of cheating in the classroom.
    3. makes it more difficult for remote users to photograph the questions.
  2. Navigation method (click Show more to view): Free (default) allows a student to skip ahead and return to previous pages. Sequential requires the student to progress in order.

quiz layout options

Settings for Question Behavior

  1. Shuffle within questions
    1. Yes - Randomly shuffles the order of the answers within the question.
    2. N - Answers are shown in the order written.
  2. How Questions Behave – The default is deferred feedback, which means students must enter an answer to each question and then submit the entire quiz, before anything is graded or they get any feedback. For other options,  see the Quiz>How Questions Behave document for a thorough explanation of each option. 

question behavior during quiz

Review Options

This section controls what information students will be shown when they review their quiz, and the timeframe during which the review is available.

IMPORTANT: You must select Points in the final column, in order for the score to be displayed in the gradebook. If the quiz doesn’t have a close date, this state is never reached and the score isn’t displayed.

review quiz during the quiz after the attempt - still open quiz results later while still open quiz settings after it closes

Timing of Review

  • During the attempt is only available when “How questions behave” field above is set to ‘Immediate feedback’, ‘Immediate feedback with CBM’ or ‘Interactive with multiple tries’. If set to one of these options then a ‘Check’ button will appear below the answer and the student can receive immediate feedback after submitting the answer.
  • Immediately after the attempt means within 2 minutes of the student clicking "submit all and finish".
  • Later, while the quiz is still open means after 2 minutes, but before the close date (if the quiz does not have a close date, this phase never ends).
  • After the quiz is closed means what it says (you never get here for quizzes without a close date).

Tip: Checking any of the boxes other than Points in a timeframe column reveals the test to the student. For example, to allow students to see their quiz immediately after taking it but not later, make sure none of the boxes in "Later" or "After" columns are checked. The student will be able to see their grade later or after, but not get into the quiz.

Review Options

The options of information that can be controlled are:

  • The attempt - Will show how the student responded to each question. If you do not select this option, the only other options that will be available to select are Marks and Overall feedback.
  • Whether correct -Displays whether the student’s response to each question is correct or incorrect, but does not identify the correct answer.
  • Marks -Reveals the points/score awarded to the student and the grade for the quiz.
  • Specific feedback - Will show the feedback to the answer, as you wrote it when adding the question to the quiz.
  • General feedback -Displays the general feedback you wrote for the whole question. You can use the general feedback to give students some background to what knowledge the question was testing.
  • Right answer - Reveals the correct answers and whether the student answered correctly or not (See note below).
  • Overall feedback - Displays feedback for the entire quiz as set in the quiz settings (See note below).

Extra restrictions on attempts (click show more to display all)

quiz restrictions

  • Require password: Allows you to choose a password students must enter to access the exam.
  • Enforced delay between 1st and 2nd attempts: If you are allowing multiple quiz attempts, enable and use this setting to determine how long students must wait between the time they submit the first attempt and they start the second attempt.
  •  Enforced delay between later attempts: If you are allowing more than two attempts, use this to set the delay before the next, and each successive attempt.
  • Browser security: Respondus Lock Down Browser is installed in the computer labs, and students can install it on their personal computers.  For more information, See the Faculty Guides ->Test Taking Security.

Overall Feedback

overall feedback for the quiz

Restrict Access

  • Do not add a “Date” restriction if you have set the quiz timing above.
  • For information about the other fields, see: Course Management> Restrict Access to Activities Using Conditions. 

restrict access setup

Activity Completion

For information about these fields, see: Course Management -> Tracking Activity Completion.

activity trackinlyticsg settings for ana

Save Quiz Settings

  • Save and display button to add questions now.
  • Save and return to course to add questions later.

save settings

Adding Questions

If the questions you want to add to your quiz are already in the question bank, see: Quiz -> Adding Quiz Questions from the Question Bank.
If you need to create these questions, see Quiz -> Creating Quiz Questions.