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Add a Folder to Your Course

Why Do This

Using folders on your home page allows you to organize your course file resources, reducing visual clutter and the amount of scrolling you and your students will have to do. You can make a folder available to specified groups, which can be very useful for team projects. A folder is also a great way to share supplemental materials, references or graphics without distracting students from required readings or assignments.

Folders are created and then populated with files uploaded from your computer, or available in the Recent Files tab of file picker.

  1. Log onto Cougar Courses and go to the main page of your course.
  2. Click Turn editing on.
    turn editing on
  3. Choose the section you want to place a folder and select Add an activity or resource.
    add an activity or resource link
  4. In the activity and resource picker, scroll down and select Folder then click on the Add button.
    select folder from list of resources
  5. Enter a title for the folder in the Name field. You may also type a description.  You can display the description on the course homepage by checking the box next to "Display description on course page."
    general settings
  6. In the Content section, select the Add icon. The icon looks like a sheet of paper with a plus sign on it.
    add content to folders or create subfoldersNote: Clicking on the folder button will create a subfolder within the folder.
  7. When the File picker opens, select Upload a file (on the left), click the browse button, locate  and select the file on your computer, then click Upload this file.
    file picker options
    Note: If you have recently uploaded the file into a course, select Recent files (on the left) instead of Upload a file.
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 to add additional files to the folder.
  9. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save and return to course.
    save and return to course button

    Edit, rename or delete files within a folder

  10. Click Turn editing on.
    turn editing on
  11. On your course page, click the edit link to the right of the folder name and choose edit settings.
  12. Scroll to the Content area and review a list of the files in the folder.
  13. Single click on the document and make edits in the pop-up box.
    1. Select Download to edit the file on your desktop.
    2. Select Delete to remove file from the folder.
    3. Edit the text in the Name field to rename the file.
    4. Click on Update once you are done making changes.
      edit file options to rename delete download and update