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Service Interruptions to Cougar Courses

Cougar Courses Unavailable

Sunday, January 13 from 6 am and 1 pm during IITS hardware maintenance.
Thursday, January 17 from 10 pm and 11 pm during IITS maintenance.
Saturday, January 19 from 8 am to 9:30 am during IITS maintenance.
Thursday, January 25 from 10:45 pm to 3:00 pm.  IITS is investigating the cause.

Turnitin Unavailable

Friday, February 15

  • NOTICE: As of 7:50 am on Friday, Feb. 15, Turnitin has been experiencing issues. It is unavailable to students and instructors.  You can follow their status on Twitter @TurnitinStatus or at
  • UPDATE:  As of 4:20 pm, Turnitin is still unavailable.  We do not have any information on when they anticipate the issue will be resolved.  Please follow updates via Twitter or their website.
  • UPDATE: As of 11:59 pm, Turnitin has resolved the issue.  Students and instructors can now access Turnitin.

Error Message When Logging In

Some users are reporting a "header too long" message when they attempt to login.  To resolve the issue, you will need to clear your cache and cookies, close the browser completely, open it, and go to Make sure there isn't anything else at the end of the URL.  Attempt to login again.  If you still receive an error, send a screenshot of the entire page to using your CSUSM email address.

Clear your cache

503 Service Unavailable Message

If you receive a 503 Service Unavailabel Message, completely close the browser, open it, and login again.  If that does not resolve the issue, use a different browser.  If you still receive the error, immediately send a screenshot to

503 service unavailable message