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Not sure what Cougar Courses provides to help you manage course materials and assess students? Looking for a new method to engage students with the content or engage them in the learning process? This "10 Things You Didn't Know Moodle Can Do" can get your started.

Help with Cougar Courses

  • Assistance with Username and Password
  • First, check the student or faculty guides below.
  • If you can't find the answer there, email  Be sure to provide the course name and section number as well as specific details of your issue.
  • For live help we have TRC Virtual Support Office Hours 10 am to 4pm, Monday through Friday. Zoom meeting ID: 296496061. When you first enter you will be placed in a Waiting Room until someone is available to assist you. Once someone is available, we are limiting the sessions to 10 minutes if there is a queue. If the help will take longer than 10 minutes, we will put you in a breakout room and another person on the team will assist you.
  • View the schedule and register for one of our live Cougar Courses workshops.

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Many instructors are planning to use Zoom for live lecture and/or recording microlectures. Our "Get Started Using Zoom" guide provides information for common questions, using for live meetings, and how to record course content.

Secure Zoom Meetings

As a majority of businesses around the world have moved to working virtually, there have been a massive increase in attacks on Zoom, often referred to as "Zoom bombing". Review information on how to "Secure Zoom Meetings" from our Information Security Team.

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Label & Link Role Category
***Student FAQs*** Student Basics
Logging in to Cougar Courses (Student) Student Basics
Shortcuts for Navigating Cougar Courses (Student) Student Basics
Self Enrollment in Community Student Basics
Adding a Profile Picture Student Basics
Using the Text Editor Toolbar Student Basics
Using PoodLL voice recorder Student Basics
Using PoodLL video recorder Student Basics
Track Your Completion of Course Activities Student Basics
View your Activity Logs Student Basics
Export Cougar Courses Calendar Student Basics
CSUSM Student Resources and Services Student Basics
** FAQs About CC Basics Faculty Basics
Logging in to Cougar Courses (Instructor) Faculty Basics
Shortcuts for Navigating Cougar Courses (Instructor) Faculty Basics
Using the Text Editor Toolbar Faculty Basics
View your course as a student Faculty Basics
** FAQs About Course Setup Faculty Setup
Set Course Start/End Date Faculty Setup
Set course format to Weekly (dates) Faculty Setup
Import Course Content Faculty Setup
Backup and Restore Course Content Faculty Setup
Checklist for Updating an Imported/Restored Course Faculty Setup
Use the Online Course Template Faculty Setup
Move Items or Topics/Weeks Faculty Setup
Change Dates for Activities in One Location Faculty Setup
Modify Your Blocks Layout Faculty Setup
Make Your Course Visible (Available/Show) Faculty Setup
** FAQs About Course Management Faculty Course Management
Add/Enroll Users or Change a User's Role Faculty Course Management
Enable Self Enrollment in Community Faculty Course Management
Attendance Activity Faculty Course Management
Set up Appointment Schedules using Scheduler Faculty Course Management
Reports and Analytics Graphs Faculty Course Management
Track Activity Completion Faculty Course Management
Completion Progress Block Faculty Course Management
Restrict Access to Activities/Resources Faculty Course Management
Show Students Their Own Activity Logs Faculty Course Management
See what needs to be graded with the "Grade Me" block Faculty Course Management
Restore deleted resources/activities using the Recycle Bin Faculty Course Management
** FAQs About Resources Faculty Adding Resources
Add Files Faculty Adding Resources
Add Links (URLs) Faculty Adding Resources
Add File Folders Faculty Adding Resources
Add Pages  Faculty Adding Resources
Add Labels to Organize Your Content Faculty Adding Resources
Add a Book (collection of pages) Faculty Adding Resources
Communication Options in CC Faculty Communication Tools
Post an Announcement Faculty Communication Tools
Getting Started with Zoom Faculty Communication Tools
How to create and use the Chat tool Faculty Communication Tools
How to Create and use the Choice Tool  Faculty Communication Tools
Use Questionnaire to Survey Students Faculty Communication Tools
Use Feedback to Survey Students Faculty Communication Tools
** FAQs About Assignments and Turnitin Faculty Assignments and TurnItIn
Which Assignment Type and Options to choose? Faculty Assignments and TurnItIn
Create  Assignments Faculty Assignments and TurnItIn
Add a Rubric/Grading Guide to an Assignment Faculty Assignments and Turnitin
Manage Assignment Submissions Faculty Assignments and TurnItIn
Assignment Grader Faculty Assignments and TurnItIn
Create Turnitin Assignment Faculty Assignments and TurnItIn
Turnitin Instructor Guides - Similarity Report Faculty Assignments and TurnItIn
Turnitin Instructor Guides - Commenting Tools Faculty Assignments and Turnitin
Cloud PoodLL Video and Audio Recording Assignments Faculty Assignments and TurnItIn
Submitting a File to an Assignment Student Assignments and TurnItIn
Submitting Online Text to an Assignment Student Assignments and TurnItIn
Adding YouTube Links to an Online Text Submission Student Assignments and Turnitin
Submitting a PoodLL voice recording assignment Student Assignments and TurnItIn
Turnitin - submissions, viewing similarity report and feedback Student Assignments and TurnItIn
** FAQs About Quizzes Faculty Quiz
Create a Quiz Faculty Quiz
Create and Manage Quiz Questions Faculty Quiz
Create Audio, Video or Image Response Questions Faculty Quiz 
Create an Essay Question Faculty Quiz
Import Questions Using Respondus Faculty Quiz
Import MC and TF Questions from Word (Aiken type) Faculty Quiz
Add Questions from the Question Bank Faculty Quiz
Adaptive and Interactive Quizzes Faculty Quiz
Add Extra Time or Change Quiz Timing for 1 or More Students (User Override) Faculty Quiz
Group Overrides for Quizzes Faculty Quiz
Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor (Instructor Guide) Faculty Quiz
Grade Essay Questions Faculty Quiz
Correct and Re-Grade Questions Faculty Quiz
Quiz Results, Responses and Statistics Faculty Quiz
Taking a Quiz in Cougar Courses Student Quiz
Respondus LockDown Browser (Student Guide) Student Quiz
** FAQs about Groups Faculty Groups
Best Practices for Group Work Faculty Groups
Create Groups and Groupings Faculty Groups
Group Self-Selection Faculty Groups
Group Override for Quizzes Faculty Groups
** FAQs About Forums and Blogs Faculty Forums and Blogs
About Forums Faculty Forums and Blogs
Crafting Online Forums: Guiding Questions and Rubric Faculty Forums and Blogs
Set up Forums Faculty Forums and Blogs
Add a Rubric/Grading Guide to a Forum Faculty Forums and Blogs
Manage Forums Faculty Forums and Blogs
Turn Off Forum Auto Subscribe Faculty Forums and Blogs
Email Replies to Forum Posts Faculty Forums and Blogs
Grade Forums Faculty Forums and Blogs
Create and Grade OU Blogs Faculty Forums and Blogs
Email Replies to Forum Posts Student Forums and Blogs
Forum Subscription and Tracking Student Forums and Blogs
Posting and Replying to a Forum Student Forums and Blogs
Create a Glossary Activity Faculty Collaborative Activities
Setup and Grade OU Wikis Faculty Collaborative Activities
Workshop for Peer Reviews Faculty Collaborative Activities
Perusall  Faculty Collaborative Activities
Glossary for students Student Collaborative Activities
Using OU Wiki Student Collaborative Activities
The Lesson activity Faculty Other Activities
H5P Samples Faculty Other Activities
Creating H5P Activities Faculty Other Activities
** FAQs About Gradebook Faculty Gradebook
Create Manual Grade Items Faculty Gradebook
Extra Credit Grade Items Faculty Gradebook
Create Categories (req. for weighted gradebook) Faculty Gradebook
Drop the Lowest Grade Faculty Gradebook
Create and Grade Negative Grade Items Faculty Gradebook
Enter Grades Manually Faculty Gradebook
Import Grades from Excel Faculty Gradebook
End of Semester Gradebook Tasks Faculty Gradebook
Tools and Apps for Student Projects and Presentations Faculty Media Tools
Getting Started with Microsoft Stream Faculty Media Tools
Moving Media from Mediasite to MS Stream Faculty Media Tools
Getting Zoom Video Links Into Cougar Courses Faculty Media Tools
Getting OneDrive Video Links Into Cougar Courses Faculty Media Tools
Sharing a Video Using Google Drive Faculty Media Tools
Publishing with YouTube Basics Faculty Media Tools
YouTube for Instructors Faculty Media Tools
Getting YouTube Links Into CC Faculty Media Tools
Tools and Apps for Student Projects and Presentations Student Media Tools
YouTube for Students Student Media Tools
Getting Started with Zoom Student Media Tools
Creating Accessible Word Documents Faculty Ally
Creating High Quality Scans Faculty Ally
Creating Accessible PDFs Faculty Ally
Creating Accessible PowerPoint Presentations Faculty Ally
Ally Accessibility Report Guide Faculty Ally
Getting Started with Poll Everywhere Student Communication Tools
Calendar Faculty Basics